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Strength Gains Much More Consistent at a Higher Calorie Surplus?

I was told that it was a waste of food and that I’d just get fat if I ate at too of a high of a calorie surplus and that the strength and size gains would be the same if I were eating at a 200 calorie surplus compared to a 500 calorie surplus.

How come I increased my calories even more now and my gains and my strength are much more consistent now(no more plateaus)? I thought it didn’t matter about the calorie surplus just as long as you are in a surplus. I was gaining strength and weight before but not as rapidly as I am now at my new daily calorie intake and even when I’m tired I can still progress, why didn’t no one tell me this earlier??

What you get here is opinions and they vary.
I would tell you would gain more when you force feed because it worked for me (circa 1988). I figured I would always be saturated with nutrients, but I have no science to back it up. I tell guys at work if they want to put 3 inches on their chest as fast as possible, they have to live with adding an inch or two on to their waist.

Other guys wouldn’t want to carry the extra bodyfat so you may not get that advice from them.

Yes, it’s definitely much easier to get strong as fuck if you are eating everything in sight & don’t care about what you look like in the mirror.

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By whom?

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You keep your calorie surplus low so you can be on a surplus for longer but with slower gains. You hope this is offset by a small and less aggressive cut if you need to drop weight (for a weight class, your looks or health). This is a trade off and you need to consider your psychology when deciding which path to go down, some people can’t handle getting sloppy other can’t handle the slow and steady path.

There’s diminishing returns to consider as well, a 2000kcal surplus is likely not giving you all that much above 1000kcals besides a bigger gut.

On the other hand, running an actual 200 kcal surplus is almost impossible for all but the most experienced physique-sport competitors; ie, individuals who have become both exceedingly familiar with their BMR and adept at accurately measuring calories. No offense OP, but your ‘200 kcal surplus’ might well represent deficit eating.


Yep managing a 200 surplus is tedious and requires constant adjustment, where as you get wriggle room with more

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The guys that will be running 200-500 calorie surplus will be bodybuilders. Not weak guy. In fact some are strong by any definition.

The guys running 500-1000 calories surplus are power lifters and strong men. Much stronger. But not so “pretty”.

But it is a good things ? It is difficult to loose after the “bad fat” no ?
Exemple if i make a high surplus of calories and i can support it, and i will accept to take fat and so on, and after i reduce steps by step for loose the fat.
In one year i want to go 70 kilo to 85 kilo, i have a faster metabolism, so maybe i can try

I agree, I’m going to eat more from now on. Sucks I can’t get any pussy when I’m bulking. Girls want that defined jawline so badly and once I start bulking my jaw line goes outside the window my face gets puffier and no more pussy for me. Oh well just going to have to live with it.

Just maintain an ultra sharp chin strap style beard to give the appearance of a defined jaw line.


By who specifically?

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Depends how much fat you gain, whether or not you are in denial over how much fat you’ve gained and how young and or vain you are. I know for me, it took me quite a few years of very heavy eating and training to really fill out my frame (though, I am about 6 ft 6). I think if a guy only wants to gain up to 30lbs of muscle and just have a middle weight boxer type physique eating everything in sight is probably not appropriate.

Also, you have to take into account the issue of undoing bad habits. If you’ve spent years, arguably overeating in order to get bigger and stronger you may really struggle to adjust your habits when you get well into your 30’s and realise: Holy shit! I’m pretty big and strong but I’m also quite fat now! It’s really not that different IMO to youngsters who abuse drugs…if you keep doing that forever you will pay a price for that eventually.


70 to 80 kilo, after i will lost 5 kilo of “fat” reduce carb step by step for lose and increase maybe cardio, after when i’m 75 kilo i do again a surplus calorie and stop to 85kilo and after i want to lose 5 kilo again so 80 kilo, maybe like that i can expect 12/14% fat, what did u thinl about this idea ?

i can eat more and more but choice some good food, i will not eat more shit food, or just 10% of my diet

if i take one kilo by month it is so long, i would like take 2 kilo so in 5 month go 70 to 80 kilo for after lose/win and so on

Fitness gurus

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Which one?

I thought a scholar like you would have used “by whom”…

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I don’t care for grammar.


What?? Why not? Wasn’t Cat Avatar Man the one who said you were a Law major?? Language should be your forte.

I am not a law major.