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STRENGTH Fish Oil Study

So, I found this and figured I’d throw it out there for others thoughts, since fish oil supplements have been a staple of health and longevity minded folks for quite a while now.

Looking at the patients’ triglyceride levels, their diets were shit. I don’t think 4 g of fish oil will help overcome that. The >200% increase in serum EPA levels means nothing if their levels were near 0 to begin with; and what was the average 6:3 ratio? There was no mention of that.

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Despite the findings, I thought it was interesting subjects reduced CRP levels by 20%.

That in itself is promising. I don’t think fish oil supplementation will fix a broken system, but from almost everything I’ve read, it helps prevent/slow system damage, especially in someone who is healthy.

Indeed. I would have like to have seen the numbers but 20% is significant. This is also in the backdrop of patients likely following standard dietary guidelines for CVD patients, i.e. a low saturated fat, higher polyunsaturated fat diet. Excessive omega 6 PUFAs increase inflammation and it was thought omega 3s do not counteract this unless accompanied by a reduction in omega 6s. Perhaps this research suggests otherwise.

It would be hard to get uniform dietary practices from:

“These findings, in the context of the increased risk of atrial fibrillation in this and other trials of omega-3 fatty acids, cast a question regarding whether or not there is a net benefit or harm with any omega-3 fatty acid preparation,” Dr. Lincoff concluded.

This is still a pretty significant finding but again would be nice to know their full diet while doing this study.

Also, what other studies have shown increased risk of a fib? This is the first I’ve heard of that with respect to omega-3 fatty acids.

Me too, but the majority of what people read is ad copy telling us how great it is, so I figured I’d throw a wrench in the works.

I don’t think fish oil is the cornucopia of health benefits it has been portrayed as for a couple of decades, anymore.

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I agree but that quote makes it sound like there were other studies linking Omega 3 supplementation to higher risk of Atrial Fibrillation.

There probably are, I just haven’t seen any either. That write up didn’t seem to be using their words loosely though.

This one came up for me as a suggested read based on other related reading from academic/institutional sources.

Agreed, but contemporary dietary advice for CVD patients (low saturated fat, higher polyunsaturated, more grains, etc. In other words, a diet high in omega 6) I’m sure would have prevailed. The point being, other research has previously shown omega 3s to be largely ineffective in the presence of excessive omega 6s. The drop in inflammation in this study perhaps suggests otherwise.

There are several issues with fish oil, purity and stability at room temperature are the most obvious. The latter was well-highlighted in an New Zealand study where various brands from health stores were tested and found to have exceeded oxidative markers. For an extra kick in the nuts, they were also found to have considerably less EPA/DHA than claimed.

You do seem very sure of this.

Are you or have you ever been a CVD patient?

You seem to have a real ax to grind on this subject, specifically.

Is this what you’re mad about?

I’m perfectly calm mate, not good for your ticker to get too agitated about the trivial stuff in life.

It’s the oatmeal, isn’t it?

That stuff is always a massive disappointment.

I put a fuckin egg in it. You know why? Because fuck oatmeal!

For real though, the only clear and specific guideline I’ve ever been given as an actual CVD patient was to reduce sodium to no more than 2000 mg. per day.

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