Strength & Explosiveness

I’m a 5’9" 190 lbs @ 13-14 % bf (I can see my four pack… whatever that means)… I’ve been lifting now for 3 years seriously… with lifts on the bench of 225, deadlift of 420, and squat of 340, and shoulder press of 200

I’m currently learning how to tumble… and I of course have the overall strength for it, but the bodyweight strength lacks…

Because I want to prioritize tumbling, I don’t want to drain my CNS system or over fatigue my muscles, hence I switched to bodyweight training.

I’m worrying due to my past work with weight training that I will lose my strength/explosiveness,
can bodyweight exercises still maintain this?

Also what bodyweight exercises do you recommend?


You could just do enough strength/explosive work to maintain strength and explosiveness…I actually don’t see why you CAN’T gain strength still while tumbling. All it takes is frequency, heavy weight, LOW LOW VOLUME…2-5sets of 2-5 reps. That’s it…pick a few major movements that’s it.

Before that do some plyo’s and movement effiency.
You WILL lose strength for sure if you don’t keep up with it, and o BW exercises will help. You can however do BW exercises to keep explosiveness high…but that is high intesnity as well.