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Strength-Endurance Training and Complexes


Hey guys,

Im a bit confused about the benefit of strength-endurance training and complexes.

4sets 20reps 1min rest (40-60% of 1rm)

I know that strength endurance training isnt increasing my aerobic endurance but my anaerobic endurance of the typI fibres.

Complexes will increase my aerobic endurance but do they effect my typI fibres?

I want to try an undulating periodization, but Im not sure if i shall incoperate strength endurance training or barbell complexes.

Hope anyone may answer my question


You're overcomplicating this.


I wonder what you are training to endure.

I also wonder the extent to which the capacity to perform sets of high rep exercises or
complexes has on your capacity to endure a totally different form of activity.


Complexes will not improve your aerobic endurance. Think in terms of duration effecting which energy system you will use. So more than likely it would be anaerobic lactic.
Hypertrophy of oxidative tissue is basically pointless too, unless you have an athletic event coming up I wouldn't bother worrying about it.
Pick a goal, find a program that makes sense, adjust, do it.