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strength-endurance/power-endurance and pendulum system

Hi CT,

If someone wants to improve his strength-endurance and power-endurance, as well as strength and power, would you advice to use your pendulum system and instead of doing a hypertrophy week do a strength-endurance and power endurance week.
week 1 - strength-endurance, power-endurance
week 2 - strength
week 3 - power
week 4 - strength-endurance, power-endurance
week 5 - strength
week 6 - power

I know you recommend superman sets for power-endurance, but what other methods would you use for this type of endurance as well as strength-endurance.

Thank again for all your help.

Yes, that would be the way to go.

Thanks for your reply CT.
What protocols would you use to improve power-endurance and strength-endurance.