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Strength Endurance Help!!


Hey guys looking for some help in finding a balanced strength endurance workout/s..I currently cant lift heavy weights recovering after some injurys.

Im working on high rep squats deadlifts core moments the basic staples of weight lifting. Been searching around for some good strength endurance workouts to do for prob 6months while i build back up to some heavy lifts..Love this site and would like some help or links reguarding this sort of training

Thx for any help!!!


strength endurance for what?


For fitness, weight loss, conditioning for boxing when i can get back to it, the abilitiy to work hard for 1-2hrs in bike riding hiking to know my muscles can go for a long time with strength and power. the ability to make every day shit seem easy…just trying to find some articals like how they have articals on bobybuilding how to improve ur max bench stuff like that…for the higher rep lower weights workouts circuit type workouts


I would stay away from high rep deadlifts; but high rep squats are a great movement. If you wanted to swap in something for the deadlifts then power cleans would be a good alternative.

In terms of how to train them there are two different approaches. You can measure total volume (repetitions) or you can measure time under tension. For example you could perform a 20-rep set of squats, or you could simply squat for two minutes without racking the bar (rest in the standing position). For advanced trainees you can then start timing your rest period and do something like 1 minute squatting, 2 minutes rest - alternating for 5-10 total sets.

Supplements that can boost musclular endurance include beta-alanine (lactic acid buffer) and creatine. Taking in good quality carbohydrates prior to training will also give you better endurance, and caffeine has been shown to have a positive effect on work capacity as well.