Strength Endurance/FireFighter Academy Training

Basically right now I am doing my EMT and in the fall I plan to attend the Fire Academy here in Houston TX. I train 1-2 times/day and do not have a “set” rest day(s)…i take a rest day as needed just listening to my body. I lift heavy to obv get stronger but lately have added a lot of active rest to increase my workout intensity a bit.I have I also do cardio at home a few times a week.

My husband is ex military and i use his ruck to fill about 55-60lbs worth and will warm up wearing this on the stairclimber @ 60 steps/min for about 8 mins then slow it down a bit to finish out 10-12 minutes of my warmup…ill wear this to walk/jog the track that goes around the weights (1/10 mile track) as one of my active rest exercises, or do farmers carries with about 40lb dumbells…and end my workouts with about a 20 min body weight circuit i do in the sauna (jump squats, pushups, abs, dips etc)…

Here is my problem…I am 5’3 & was weighing in around 125 & 20%bf and quite strong…I started adding in my cardio (sprints, 2 mile runs, weighted jogs, etc) and upping the active rest in my workouts in effort to up my muscle endurance…i lost 5-6lbs and am also at 18% bf, i look great lol but my lifts went down i felt very drained…i think i have found a happy medium now as my weights are going back up but i know my endurance is not at the level i need it to be…how can i increase this while maintaining my strength and size (i A LOT but i eat clean so its hard to eat so many calories of clean low calorie meals)…

right now my sets(not max, i dont know my maxes) are as follows

incline dumbell bench ( i dont flat bench often): 4 sets of 10-6 with 40’s-45’s
squat: 2 sets of 8 with 225, 1x6 135, 1x4 155
dumshoulder press: 4x10-6 with 40s-45s
deadlift: 4x6 of 185

those are some of my main lifts…as you can tell im pretty strong for my size but i dont want to lose any of this, i want to get stronger but i find it hard since i keep slowly losing weight and bf and getting even smaller… when i say i am doing the fire academy i often get looked at like “yeah okay”

any advice here on this will be greatly appreciated!

You simply need to eat more. Maybe totally clean isn’t the way to go for you. Any chance you can give a quick diet breakdown? What did you eat yesterday?

And maybe consider taking a couple days off once in a while. Look into the concept of super-compensation. You need to take it easy once in a while to kick ass in the long run!

Overrated? Sometimes

Negligible? No

i do take rest days just not like an official every sat/sun or every this/that day…like if i feel like ive killed it a few days in a row n i need a rest day i go ahead and take one…just as maybe 1 or 2 every 10 days is like ballparkin it…here is a breakdown of what i ate today…

soon as i wake up…glass of water with protein scoop…take my multi vit n fish oil

meal 1: 1/3 cup oats with fruit n flax mixed in (sometimes ill just mix my protein powder in here)
about 3 eggs whites n 1 whole egg -scrambled
1 piece of whole wheat toast
small cup coffee and a water

(i feel soooo full after this mealsometimes ill do protein pancakes or something but this is usually my most filling meal)

meal 2: tilapia filet
about 2 cups a veggie(today was broccoli)
a greek yogurt cup

meal 3: chicken breast
1 cup brown rice
small amount of asparagus

preworkout meal: protein shake with whey, strwberrie, banana, 1/3 c oats, water
(about 45min before workout-late workout today)

after workout meal/before bed: 3 egg whites

my husband works shift work, right now he is on days so beings i have 2 kids i have to wait till he gets home and my workout is late…ill eat a bit different if he is on nights and im gonna workout in the a.m.

This was an ex of today, i make sure to drink a glass of water at each meal but that doesnt count the water i sip on throughout the day…i have a 2 liter thing i keep in the fridge n make sure i drink 2/day at least…and ill usually refill my shaker with water 2 times throughout my workout** i never count calories, never have…i eat clean just as much as i want or can…sometimes ill snack all day but since its on like asparagus or something i dont really consider that a meal…