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Strength Dropping During Workout


I've been going to the gym for 5 weeks now and I was just curious about my strength duration during lifting - It seems like I'm losing strength quicker than everyone else. I would assume it would get better with more training, but it hasn't for me yet.


My first set (after warmup) on the bench tonight was 135 x10. After that set was finished + 1 min rest, I could only put up barely 6 reps. It happens to me all the time and seems to keep decreasing with every new set.

The only reason I ask this is because I'm able to spectate a lot of people training (Even beginner lifters like myself) and they don't seem to be having problems doing like 4 sets x10 of something I would only be able to do 1 set x10, then 1 set x6, then 2 sets x4-5 on.

Sorry if this is a retarded question btw, it just seems like, from what I can spectate, that I happen to be suffering with this more than normal.


I'm no expert, but isn't 60s a bit short unless you're doing supersets or something?

As for loss of strength, are you eating enough? What's your pre-workout nutrition like?

The answers you're most likely to hear the most on the beginner board are going to be "eat more," and the questions you'll be asked will probably be "what are your stats and what are you goals."


I don't understand. 60s?

Today my pre workout nutrition was as follows:
wake: protein shake + banana
1hr30 min later: 3 scoops rolled oats + blueberries, 2 pieces protein bread, 2 egg whites
3 hours later: 1 sweet potatoe, small chicken breast, 2 cups steamed veggies, 1 slice protein bread, 1 banana
2hr30 min later: protein shake w/ 5g creatine
30 min later: gym

I'm currently 22, 6'1, 187lbs and all protein shakes are taken with water.

Yeah, I'm a pretty good eater in general, and all of the meals that I eat generally fill my stomach up well but I'm still not sure. I guess if I had to take a wild guess, maybe I'm not getting enough carbs pre workout?


60s = 60 seconds. you said 1 min rest right? MAybe try resting a bit longer, like 90 seconds, or 2 min?

Other than that, I'll let the more experienced guys answer diet questions.


First things I'd look at are longer rests (that's a big one) and maybe some carbs pre workout.

How extensive are your warm up sets?


You just haven't been training long enough.

All the other advice is relatively meaningless seeing as how you just started training. Keep at it and you should begin to see a change.

The only recommendation I have is to eat more before training. A protein shake and banana isn't enough to support a intense training session.


Stop, and think about this for a second. Seriously. If do an all gut busting set of 10, doesn't it make complete 100% sense that you will be too fatigued from that set to do it again?

Here's a recent example of this from my training. I do two sets of DB shoulder presses after my bench workout; this is usually the only time I use the same weight for multiple sets. I pressed the DB's for 15, then the next set could only get 8. This is normal if you're busting your ass hard on a set, and if none of the other posters here have experienced this then they're simply not working hard.

Why don't you try working up to (increasing weight each set) a hard, very hard, gut busting set. Then calling it quits. Most of the stronger posters here lift this way. If 135x10 is that set, then do ...


Or, perhaps even better ..

155x? (However many you can get without failing)

Otherwise, you will simply need to use less weight than 135 (maybe 100?) to get 3 or 4 sets of 10 with it; but I don't particularly recommend this. I lifted this way for 6 months. Yuck.


thanks for all of the tips guys. much appreciated.


I usually do rest around 90 seconds a lot of the time now that I think of it. My warmup sets is just 1 set of x10 of something that's semi challenging. In this case it was 115 x10. I guess that was decently heavy for me seeing as I could only put up 135 x10 1 time and then had to go down to x5-6. I will take everything into consideration.


Well what about all of the other stuff that I ate before that?


some carbs closer to workout time might still be useful.

gooch's advice makes a lot of sense too. If you take a longer rest and STILL eat crap on your next set, that might just mean you did a good job on your previous set.


Dont do anything drastic at this point. You are far to new at this to have anything figured out. At this point you should be trying things for 6+ weeks and assessing the value. Then make changes. See how that works. Eventaully you'll learn how to have the best workout for YOU.


alright, sounds good. thanks again


If you can do the same reps on the 2nd set of a weight as you did on the first set, it means you didn't go all out, plain and simple.


=] thanks man