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Strength Diet on Cycle

Sorry if this is not the right section of the forum.
I train for powerlifting 4-5 days a week, mostly big 3 with added variants(floor presses, incline bench, deficit reads, front squats etc) and some isolation exercises(tricep pushdowns, lat raises, leg extension etc)
Volume/intensity changes every week. Some weeks I do doubles some weeks I do 5x5 on main movements, 4-6 reps on variants and 12-15reps on isolations.
I am starting a 400mg of test Cyp x week.
I’ll try to reach 300g carbs and 200g proteins.
I’ll have 3 meals because with a busy job I just can’t eat more.

A bowl of fruits with mixed nuts
3 sandwiches with roasted turkey200g/peanut butter 100g/cheese 100g
120g joghurt

200g rice
4-5tbsp olive oil
4beef burgers (500g)

500g chicken or fish
With olive oil and sauce

Vitamin d 4000iu

No vegetables :slightly_frowning_face:

Why no carbs at dinner, why no eggs, why almost 100g of fat lunch (assuming 90/10 burgers), what the hell is Joghurt, Why no vegetables?


6 eggs cooked with Spinach
16oz low fat milk
1 cup oats with piece of fruit sweetner and a little real butter.

10oz beef (90/10)
1/2 cup rice (uncooked size) season how ever
Vegetables Cooked in 1 tbsp oil or real butter

Repeat lunch

Optional Right Before bed
"Home made high calorie shake" I prefer a whey, peanut butter, and oats shake here but depending on goals and how lean could get really tasty.

Gives ya about 230g of protein (assuming the shake has 60g protein), 300-350g of carbs depending on shake, and 40-50g of fat at each meal. All around more calories, better thought out, and better over all variety and quality.

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Thanks for the reply mate.
To answer your questions:
I always eat veggies I just don’t count them when I calculate carbs and kcal.
I don’t like eggs, I love meat fish and diary so I try to eat mostly from these sources.
I tried to do the chicken and rice diet but it was fucking disgusting after one week.
I love oats but it turns me into a walking fart and I work in retail, I don’t want to kill my customers lol


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Then use sweet potatoes, potatoes, pasta, gluten free pasta, grits, breads. Chicken and rice every day is boring that’s why I don’t recommend it haha. As for eggs that’s fine. Just do chicken or steak and add some fat.

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