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Strength Decrease


I am currently going into week four of my first attempt at the layer system. I am following this split and periodization:

High Pull
Incl. Tilt Press
High Pull
Decl. Tilt Press
Lats/Biceps (convention bodybuilding sets/reps scheme)

Week 1: Ramp to 3rm. 3 clusters, 3 HDL 5/4/3/2/1
Week 2: Ramp to 2rm. 4 clusters, 2 HDL
Week 3: Ramp to 1 rm. 5 clusters, 1 HDL
Week 4: Ramp to 1 rm. 3 HDL, 2 max pump

On the Press days during week 1, I hit 275 for a 3rm. Yet in week 4, I only could get 255 for 1 rep. Is my CNS fried from this new style of training? Or do I just need to eat more? Eat approx. 2500 cals/day, 5'8, 170 lbs. I don't really feel physically drained, but damn that weight felt heavy this week.


It could have been just a bad day, but I do have a strong feeling you're undereating - I'm 10 lbs lighter than you right now, yet I'm eating 100-300kcal more than you on training days as maintenance or perhaps marginally above, while doing the minimalistic strength version of the layer system (ramp, 2 clusters, ramp, 2 clusters, ramp, max/15s rest/max).


hey dudes, you obviously know more then myself, but are you adding assistance to this or just those lifts? it may be your adding to much volume?


So why post? Use the Search function; read more; post less.

FYI: This is a specific program developed by the forum's namesake.

jbalplayr02: Sounds like you just had an off day... good luck.


Thanks for the advice and encouragement!! I should've been a bit more descriptive in my original post. Yes, the press numbers decreased, but so did the high pull. This is my first go-round with this exercise, so I expected bigger jumps in the weight. My 1 rm for the high pull in weeks 1 and 2 was 165lb. I have no idea what most guys are pulling but, to me, this seems pathetic. Yet even at 80% of that max, I could hit six or seven reps on the cluster sets. Week 3 1rm was 155. Just wondering since I'm new to this lift.


oh man thats such a douche bag move, simple question no need for the stupid response, ive searched, just seems a bit all over the place and a lot of basterdized plans too