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Strength Decrease After Serious Cardio


Ok so I'm just double checking here. Right now my lacrosse team and I are conditioning for the up-and-coming season, which means about 45 minutes of bleachers/sprints/indian runs/hills in 30 degree weather. I've been noticing that every time I try to do some 10x3 benching after this running, it is far more difficult than if I hadn't run at all.

Now what I want to know is, is this because my muscles are cold from the chilly weather, the running depleted my energy, or both? I guess I'm asking is it normal for a strength decrease after serious cardio in the cold?


Yes, that would be normal. I don't think the weather has that much to do with it but the intensity of the cardio before you lift will definitely affect how much weight you can handle.


It's called fatigue. Maybe switch to a more apropreiate pre-season plan, then once the season starts switch to an in season program. This will allow to maintain your strength through the season while improving your conditioning. Then hit the weights hard for the off season.


well the season starts in a week so theres no point in changing up the schedule. what should i do to decrease this fatigue, since i'm going to have to run before i work out now. should i drink a carb shake before the run so i have more energy for later?


Of course you can't lift as much. You're tank is empty after the cardio.

Just split your training sessions up and you'll be fine.

With the kind of workouts you're doing, whatever comes last is always gonna lose out due to fatigue. If you need to keep doing it this way, but want to concentrate on strength gain, do weights first, then cardio.