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Strength Days on Layer System


Coach CT on the 10 day layer system for the first bench day you prescribed this:
1. Bench press ramp to 1RM
2. Bench press from pins just above sticking point, start at 70% of no.1 and ramp to 1RM
3. Bench press lockout (from pins, last 2-3"), start at 70% of no.2 and ramp to 1RM
4. Speed bench 6 x 3 with 50% of no.1

For those that don't have access to pins how would you set up a strength bench day?
I incorporated a little bit from your other programs and improvised it by doing
1. Bench ramp to 1rm
2. ramp to 2rm (starting at about 70%)
3. ramp to 3rm (starting at about 70%)
4. Speed bench 6 x 3 with 50% of no.1

Does this seem okay to you coach? Also, when you prescribe clean and jerks, do you do them with a split or both feet on the same plane?


Yesm that routine for the bench is fine and is something that I used.

A clean & jerk includes a split... if the jerk isn't done with a split it is called either a power jerk or a push jerk. If only "jerk" is used, then assume that there is a split.