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Strength Cycles That Don't Involve DHT

Hi, Ever since doing my first Dbol cycle I’ve had terrible cystic acne and am undergoing treatment on accutane, I seem to be a super responder to DHT bodyhair grew worse than most men, I went from a patchy beard to a full beard but that I could cope with and saw as a positive and fortunately no hair shedding, I’d done another cycle but had to cut it short with dbol out of ignorance but I’m going to be cruising while on accutane but wondered…

Is there any alternatives that aren’t heavily DHT like Drol, Winstrol, Dbol etc that will increase strength other than Tren as I want to not bother trying until I get to a particular strength milestone rather than hit a wall because there isn’t much you can do after Tren?

Any ideas?, Also I am aware of the conversion of Test to DHT but Dbol at only 30mg left me with terrible acne and I will have permenant scarring… It’s such a shame because I loved the drug and hope that accutane permenantly cures it so I can revisit these types of orals.


More test. EQ. Nandrolone. None of those are DHT derivatives and each can give solid increases in strength.

Iron, what do you think about tbol? It is derived from dbol (so a testosterone based drug), and is less androgenic and does not convert to e2 (which probably helps with acne).

Probably not the best as a strength drug, but I would think it would work alright.

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Actually I think an important thing to note in regards to e2 is around the time I did Dbol I used a UGL Aromasin at 10mg/day maybe it was underdosed I’ve stuck with the pharma stuff from now on and would rather pay extra for 12.5mg/day of the pharma stuff…

Unsure if it was the e2 or the DHT but I definately want to finish this accutane course before trying again.

Tbol gave me migraines, so unfortunately my experience is very limited. But based on other users I’d say it could also fit into the scenario that’s laid out here.