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Strength Cycle


If I wanted to make strength gains while minimizing size gains (weight class related), how would the following cycle do?

Test Prop 100mg EOD wk 1-8
Anavar 40mg ED wk 1-8
Adex 0.5mg EOD

PCT (5 days after last pin) Nolva 40/40/20/20 and taper off adex during first 2 weeks of PCT.


All solid, but the var is not the best choice in my opinion. Test is low too for me.
Why do you want to keep the doses so low? Am I right in thinking that this is your first cycle and also that you have not previously competed in powerlifting?

I would forget about weight class - more weight (lean) for your height will make you more effective as a lifter. I would favour higher doses anyway though, if you want to limit weight gain up the AI and eat less, but if it's your first cycle it seems a shame.
How about:
1-4 test p 75mg/day
5-8 test p 100mg/EOD
5-8 test suspension (if possible) 50mg/day
2-4 Dbol 50mg/day
5-8 Dbol 25mg/day
5-8 Anadrol 25-50mg/day (assess sides)
AI + PCT as written (possibly raise AI dose).
Gain lean weight, worry about weight class in future.
Obviously ignore this if this is not your first cycle or you are an experienced powerlifter. Good luck.


Probably poorly. Would run a low to moderate dose Test, High Tren, and Some Halo toward the end.


Tren if you aren't "scared" like some are by the reported sides is just about the best for lean strength. If you're set on staying in weight class, tren + mast + halo would be brilliant.


Can't get susp, and I'm a little uncomfortable going with high dose tren and halo in a first cycle, though I have no doubt they would be extremely effective.

Makes sense on the weight gain part (I certainly do want to move up a class or two eventually), though I had my heart set on a certain record in this class. I suppose you're right, though.

So upping the dose of prop and adding some dbol from week 3 or so would work?


Oh damn man I didn't realize you were the OP of this. Good shit and welcome to our side :wink:


Drug's act basically all the same,except some are immediate release and other's have medium and long ester's.An athlete in a weight division must monitor his calorie's,moreover stay on a clean maintenance diet?? Some people think there are steroid's for bulking and steroid's for cutting.Those people I like to call wrong?? All steroids build and repair.Food consumption is what will increase,or decease bodyweight. john


I have to say that was poorly worded buddy. You were on to something and then lost it.


Can you please re-word and re-post thank's john.


AAS all act essentionally the same to a extent. They all are capable of adding muscle mass but each and every one of them effects the body in differet way which is the exact reason some one can run Deca at a high dose for months and never have a problem but others can run a tiny dose and have the worst case of Deca Dick you ever heard of.

The next thing that was said was that "An athlete in a weight division must monitor his calorie's,moreover stay on a clean maintenance." This is true to a extent once again. If athlete competes in a sport where there are weight classes then yes they must monitor there calories. How ever even in a relatively calorie deprived state and all of sudden you drop 1000mg of Test into your system you are going to gain weight period flat. Doubly if you are a first time user as Apokolyps is.

"Some people think there are steroid's for bulking and steroid's for cutting. Those people I like to call wrong??" This is where you lost me and I mean no offense. You like to call those people wrong but, I have disagree and I have to call you wrong here. You are correct in saying all steroids build and repair muscle but, there are not any used for cutting or bulking exclusively.

I understand almost any drug can be used to cut or bulk but, it is a very well WELL known fact that certain drugs are much more effective at accomplishing one or the other. The diet is without adoubt important but, I have never heard any one ask " Hey whats a good cycle to help me get ready for a BB Comp?" then this was advised...

12 weeks of Test E 750mg ( know for causing excess bloat especially compared to Prop )
12 weeks of Deca 500mg ( INFAMOUS for bloating )
6 weeks of Anadrol 100mg Daily ( Nothing will thrown weight on you faster )

However drugs such as...

Test Prop

Are all known to give the body a much harder, drier, and much more defined and vascular look. However these effects can be thrown completely away if you eat nothing Pizza. I hope this makes sense.


Haha thanks :slightly_smiling:

And a very solid explanation of johnny's post. Definitely some food for thought, but I'm not terribly averse to moving up a weight class either. Bulk it is lol.


No problem man. Honestly at this point bulking is really the only thing that makes sense for you right now. Just focus on getting bigger and stronger without getting fatter... And on gear especially your first run that's completely possible. I strongly suggest since your first timer and looking to compete and aren't afraid to add some muscle and weight.

12 weeks
1000mg of Test E or C
Dbol 50mg for 4 weeks on/ 4 weeks off/ 4 weeks on or...
Anadrol 100mg same as above.

3 weeks after last injection start Nolva 40/40/20/20

Just go off which ever is cheaper. Whole cycle shouldn't cost more than $400 plus a few dollars for PCT. If it does find another source.


Thanks, man.

This is actually rather similar to the cycle I had planned initially, though I started at 500mg test, increasing dose at week 8. I was planning on using prop because with the way my schedule is, I won't be able to do a 12 weeker without an interruption of a week. Is it okay to double up on the dose prior to that week and resume 2x a week pins after that?


Oh, and thanks for the heads up on price. I knew I was getting a raw deal, but I didn't think it was THAT bad.


It def would not kill you to do that. Enth ester takes a good 3 weeks to clear the system so even if you skip a week if you absolutely have no choice you will be fine.


2x 20ml Vial Test: $220
Bottle 100x 50mg Anadrol: $ 110
1x bottle 100x 20mg Nolva: $90

That is enough for
1000mg Test E 10 weeks
100mg of Anadrol Daily for 50 days
Standard PCT

If your paying more than that for those Items your getting it pretty hard. I personally would not even pay that but, if I was in a tight spot that would be the absolute max I would even consider.