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Strength Cycle


Let me introduce me im 6ft 2in 25yrs 290 been lifting for 12yrs and used anabolics for 4 yrs cycle on and off. I want to get others opinions besides the regular ppl I go to. Goal is to be stronger simple... currently taking peptides iv pretty much tried most common anabolics. This is that im currently thinking about cycling in order get ready:
test e weeks 1-5 500mg 6-9 625mg 10-13 750mg
Eq (never taken) weeks 1-5 400mg weeks 6-10 500mg weeks 11-13 600mg
Anadrol week 8-10 100mg ed weeks 11-13 150mg
Prop weeks 1-2 300mg week 13 300mg
Tren? ???? Idk where to put that in A or E
I need to be strongest at week 13 then i'll taper off the a pct of nova clomid and hcg
i'll be taking the peptides the whole time.

Thank you for your time....any ideas is appreciated


The peptides are ghrp-6 and mgf 3mcg of each 3x daily


I dont know shit about steroids and i dont pretend to but, 1800mg's of PED's AND tren on top of 6 weeks of anadrol does not sound healthy.


Most people say they don't get anything from EQ until about week 16, so you may want to start the eq 4 weeks before anything else.


Did you mean week 6?


I think he means week 6. People normally suggest running EQ for a MINIMUM of 12 weeks, and most would recommend a 16 week cycle. I've run EQ in similar doses to what you propose. Test E 500/EQ 400 per week. The results from it are not as dramatic as some other compounds. But I actually like EQ. Increased vascularity, increased appetite, nothing notably negative. In my opinion, stacking EQ brings no additional unwanted side effect. You certainly can't say that about every compound.

And call me crazy but I notice higher sexual function when stacking EQ as opposed to comparable doses of test alone, most notably shorter refractory periods.

That's a lot of Anadrol, bro. I would say too much. But I'm probably more protective of my liver than most. Gains from Anadrol come fast as fuck. It would be safer, IMO for you to just run it at the end of the cycle when you need the most bang. Definitely lay off the booze a couple weeks before and after, and run some kind of liver supporting supplement, like Milk Thistle.


Are you running this for a powerlifting meet? Have you run tren before and if so at what dosage?


Not a powerlifting. Str. Man. Tren yes both a and e typically 100mg eod of a and 400mg weekly of e. Pretty much every cycle iv done iv used Tren I just never know if im using it effectively


Interesting about the eq notice any strength gains or improved muscle endurance . Yes i'll take liver support. No I wouldn't drink that close to a show.


EQ stimulates the release of EPO, so yeah, you'll experience increased stamina. But, in my (limited) experience, you're not going to see anything dramatic on 400mg per week. AND... I would ALWAYS frontload EQ. You really only have to inject it once a week. But I'd do 800mg (which I split into 2 injections) weeks 1-2. Then 400mg for the duration of your cycle.

I understand your reason for ramping up in the last 2 weeks, and I've never tried it, so take this with a grain of salt. But it's got such a long halflife. I'm not sure you'll notice any additional effect by increasing your dose in the last 2 weeks.


Very helpfull info