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Strength Cycle, Weight Class and Antidoping Test


I ask sorry for my bad English. I would like your opinion about my next Cycle.
I am 29 Years old, hight 178 cm, wieght 83 kg.
My goal is to be stronger because i’m a competitive powerlifter.
But i have two problem

  1. I compete in a weight class, below 83 kg, so i can’t increase my bodyweight
  2. My federation have antidoping test, so i MUST maintain my strenght 1-2 mounth after my cycle.
    I have a long experience with Testosterones , Trenbolone, HCG, CLEN…
    I have not experience with t3, Halotestin, and GH
    The reason i included gh in my cycle is that anti-doping test don’t reveales it, so it can be my bridging until the meeting, to maintene my strenght.
    I have low levels of testosterone because i have really a great esperience with all ester, but i gain too much bodyweight with it.
    If i keep Arimidex, nolvadex, etc… it’s a bit better, but it doesn’t resolve this problem at all.
    Some opinion, advices, suggest, etc?