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Strength Crusade


I've decided to return to posting my workout info to keep track of my progress. Below is a list of relevent information.
-Lifting history
7yrs strength trained on my own for rugby
1yr Did Maximum strength by Eric Cressey and 5-3-1. Trained for powerlifting
1yr Had knee surgery. Started distance training (4 hour drive every 2 months) with Mike Robertson at I-fast, to correct strength and postural imbalances.

-Currently still distance training with Mike. Just 2 months ago I began learning the olympic lifts! I'm doing this with some help with an Olympic lifting expert who happens to be a friend.

-Stats: 5'3" 175 lbs 30 yrs old



This will be fun..

Good to have you back!!!


This is a true PW, bitches.

She knows how to get shit done.

Welcome back, sb.


I know nothing about OLY but I like to check it out.

That's quite a lifting history.

Looking forward to following along.


I vaguely remember the old log. And the feelings of jealousy are coming back.

You trained with/near Molly, no? Good to have you back.


Woot more Oly!!!

Hi :slight_smile:




Thanks ladies! It's good to be back. I can't post often, but I hope to be consistent.

Just a warning to all of you who read my old log, my numbers aren't half as impressive as they used to be. However, I can say that I am stronger where it matters, more intelligent about my training and less of a smart ass (there are 2 truths and 1 lie in this statement). And yes, I train with the awesome Molly G.

Tonight's workout:
Foam roll
Crazy long warm-up
Snatch hip technique with PVC
Shoulder press- 3â?¢5: 45lbs (focused on super tight upper back)
Chest supported row- 3â?¢6: 45, 35, 35 lbs
Scaptions-3â?¢8: 12.5lbs
Shoulder Rotations on knee- 3â?¢8: 10lbs
Overhead (both arms) kettlebell walk- 3â?¢50ft: 8kg each arm
Kettlebell swings-10â?¢10 sec on 50 sec off

Well that's all folks. Thanks for all the PW love!


You're 175? You must be dense as hell; badass. Looking forward to following along. :slightly_smiling:


woo hoo! looks like Oly Lifting is taking over the world :slightly_smiling:
glad you decided to log here.


another oly log AND an OG PW :slight_smile:



I was looking back at some old videos and numbers in my old log. I realized 2 things.
1. Grad school is as bad for body composition as oreos.
2. I'm not as far off from my old numbers as I thought. My big 3 are definitely down but I'm not really focusing on them right now (old numbers from raw PW meet: bench 185, squat 260, deadlift 300 light), but my accessory lifts aren't too different with much better form.

Here's a link to front squats from last week.


I'm looking forward to following along.


those are some awesome meet numbers. what weight category were you lifting in?


Thanks. I was about 196 then.


Last night's workout was awesome! I had my big red olympic shoe swagger going (you can check out the oversized Ronald McDonald oly shoes in the videos below. They are way too big so I wear my vibrams underneath them). I was definitely in the groove. My oly coach was there and he actually let me do a snatch from my knees.

As I said, he has been pretty careful to not progress until my form is at least pretty good. I also worked up to a 90lb clean from the knees. It all felt really good. I think the weight will increase pretty fast now that I've got the feel of it. He worked with me for an hour and a half, so I was unable to get my accessory lifts in. I'm going to try to get the rest of my lower body work done today.

A little note on nutrition- I started doing a modified warrior diet last Thursday. It was put together by Molly's boyfriend who helps with the Redpoint programming. I thought I'd try it to see if it would be an easier way of eating for the fall when I'll be really busy. Last night was the first tough workout I've had since started doing it. My energy levels were great! I'm enjoying not being hassled to figure out what to eat during the day. I think the modified warrior will be a good long term solution to eat clean on a busy schedule. Plus it's so fun cooking one big tasty meal at the end of the day.

45lb snatch

90lb clean

Yesterday's push press 45lbs


Hey Sarah! Welcome back! You're mad strong girl. Awesome!

And I LOVE that you're doing the Oly lifts! There's a few of us here who just got our hands into that. So much fun! and form looks good! I'm curious though, is there a reason you don't do the push presses in the clean position? i.e. elbows up? Just wondering.

Also, I've been doing Warrior since last June (a rec from Laird/Kentucky crew, ha!). I still LOVE it! Altho, now I can't eat a proper meal during the day without feeling off afterwards, which frankly, is a bit effed up. I also don't get to feast until late, like 10p sometimes, and that makes sleeping a bit hard...but yeah, energy during the day is ridic and not being bothered with tupperware and eating feeling hungry all day is pretty awesome.

I'll be following along!

ps, you still playing rugby?



And you look awesome, btw!

That style of eating sounds interesting and I've always been intrigued..
..I'm trying to think of how dinners are going to be here that I will actually be making dinners again. And trying to keep my hard work goin with the re-comping I'm still trying to accomplish.

No more cottage cheese outta the container! haha


I have no reasoning on the push press. I do these on days that I am coach less. I'll have him check out my form on thursday. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I'm really really new at this.

Yeah this is probably pretty close to what you got from Laird. He gets his info from the same guy. I will be intrigued to see how this works long run. I'll watch out for regular meals.

As for rugby...no :frowning: . It's my true love! After I had knee surgery it had to go. Mike Robertson said that I could start training for it in about a year if I wanted to start again. I may try to play here and there but it's also very time consuming with all the travel.


Hi Betty,
Thanks so much! You look quite great too.

I like it so far, but it's only been a week. My body comp came from the habit changes of PN and lower stress levels after I finished my dissertation. I definitely think it will help push me further along in my body comp goals though!