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Strength & Conditioning Template Assistance

Just finished running through BBB FSL program. The FSL supplemental was brutal but I made great progress. Went from 175lbs to 194lbs over the last 10 weeks. Im thrilled as hit PRs on everything except for OHP in my final anchor week. My next program i was planning something more conditioning based and really lile the S&C template from Forever. I know “do the program as written” but I was wondering if anyone has done this but swapped the 10 min pushup pullups assistance for a regular push/pull 25-50 reps? I have no real need to ever test those movements. I am just looking to add some running into my training and i like this programs layout.

Thanks everyone

Yes, you can swap them out for “10 minute” tests but I would NEVER recommend you do this for every workout. Training is not testing. And vice versa.