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Strength/Conditioning Splits?

Hi all

I am looking for a good affective training split that I can do. I have a very good level of fitness but my strength training has took a back seat because of this however I really want to add some size and strength by using the basic compound lifts but also keeping my fitness levels very high using rowing if possible. Hope you guys can help

This is going to be a trial and error for you. Some people will suggest finishing each workout with a rowing session. Other, like myself, like to lift one day and do conditioning the next. Personally, when I finish my lifting session with cardio I either half ass it or skip it entirely. I also found that I recover better, by doing conditioning on a separate day, plus my conditioning workouts are better.

So my program looks like this. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I strength train. Right now, I don’t have much time to workout, so I pick 3 exercises, a squat, press, and pull and follow the 5x5 protocol. If I had more time I would be doing 5-6 exercises. On Tuesday and Thursday I do conditioning. These workouts are brief, usually only lasting 4-15 minutes long. I finish these workouts with extra stretching, foam rolling, and some sort of core training. On Saturday and/or Sunday I will do 60-90 minutes of easy cardio, such as hiking, walking, or biking.

The second method is to lift 3-4 days and finish each workout with an intense rowing session. Some people like this method, because their off days are truly off days.
Try both for 4 weeks and pick one.

So for example on the 4 day split you could do squat 5x5,ohp 5x5 and barbell row 5x5 and then a short intense row for conditioning on a Monday and then in Wednesday it could look like front squat,bench press and pull ups with the row added at the end again .

It has been so long since I used a 4 day split, I would ask others on what is a good 4 day lifting routine. But, yes you could lift 4 days per week and finish with a brief and intense rowing session. However, if your cardio is pretty good and your real goal is to gain weight, I would not row every single training session. I would encourage to only row 2-3 times per week.

I will give this a go then and keep it to legs push pull each workout with compound lifts and some accessories thrown in plus my rowing for conditioning.

I would HIGHLY recommend you only lift 3x a week till you are a bit more conditioned to lifting. It sounds like you want to jump into an advance program, way before you are ready. You are going to burn out quickly. You may be in great cardio shaped, but weight training taxes the body far more then cardio. Take baby steps man. Practice the basics 3x per week and build off of that. Cardio and lifting can be combined, but you cant go from one extreme to the next.