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strength comparison (Bill, Brock, those who have tried MAG-10...)

I was wondering how you guys thought a cycle of MAG-10 at the two doses per day level plus some transdermal Fina (DMSO method) would compare in increasing strength levels with a cycle of say, Sust and anadrol or Deca and D-bol at ‘reasonable’ levels. (say, 500 mg per week of Sust and 50 mg per day of anadrol)

Basically, I just was wondering if you guys have gotten much positive feedback on MAG-10 regarding strength gains, and whether this would be a combo that would be worth a powerlifter’s while to do. (because the legality issues of it sure would make it easier that the mentioned steroid cycles)

It should do better than the specific cycle
you mention (which is also in my opinion a poor cycle, unless Arimidex is used, due to combining Anadrol with testosterone which can be problematic without an antiaromatase.)

Thanks for the response Bill… off-hand I was mentioning a couple stacks that I would have relatively easy access to. To be even more specific and throw out a stack, I was hoping that the transdermal fina (that I have already have) plus the 2X/day MAG-10 would do enough strength-wise that I would not be worried that I should have spent the money and taken the legal risk to do an injectable TA, anavar, and injectable stanazolol cycle.

One final question, would adding some oral winny to the fina/MAG-10 cycle add any further benefit, or do you think it might be overkill?

Thanks in advance, you guys rock…

At one dose per day I’m certain that
adding oral Winstrol (e.g. 75 mg/day over
3-5 divided doses) will improve results.
At 2 doses per day, I’m not sure but
it’s a reasonable possibility.

If you’re using transdermal Fina at
a dose and method you’ve found effective
before, AND using the oral Winstrol,
then you might as well save money and
not use a full 2 doses per day of MAG-10. I’d cut
back to one or 1.5.