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Strength Coaching in Europe vs America. Thoughts?

So this is WELL within the realm of fantasy at this point but I still feel compelled to ask:

How is the demand for strength coaches in Europe compared to the United States?

I’m currently a Kinesiology student and plan to go into strength coaching (and yes, I know its a tough field so please don’t try to convince me of that lol) and have been toying with the idea perhaps living in Autria, Sweden, or Germany for a little while or even splitting time between the U.S. and Europe (not sure how that would work though).

Point being, I know I just need to worry about education, internships, and ultimately landing a job here first, BUT it is a curiosity of mine and just wondered if anyone here could shed some light on the subject.

Thanks guys.

P.S. I’m not some disgruntled person looking to leave the U.S. I like America. I just really want the experienced of living in one of those countries for awhile.