Strength Coaches And Their Athletes

Here it goes!

Im pretty new in the strength game and i was wondering what kind of athletes does the following coaches consult or(below) train.

If possible name the sport(league) and the name of the actual athlete. Try to name all the athletes you know that are related to the strength coach’s name. I know im picking your minds but for the sake of curiosity

I have a list in mind

here it goes again…

1-Charles Poliquin
2-Dave Tate
3-Chad Waterbury
4-John Davies
5-Paul Gagne
6-Christian Thibaudeau
7-Charles Staley
8-Paul Chek
9-Mike Robertson
10-Eric Cressey
11-Ben Velasquez
12-Joe Defranco
13-Ian King
14-Kneats Snideman