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Strength Coach?

When people say Charles Poliquin is a “strength coach,” what exactly does this mean? What does a strength coach do? Is he similar to a personal trainer? Does a strength coach train athletic teams in the weight room? That sounds like a good job. What education is necessary to become a strength coach?


I consider myself a strength coach and work with MMA athletes (among others) to assist them in buidling strength that will carry over to their sport. I also will be working with some shot putters in the near future and have worked with some softball and football players. I like the term strength coach as it sounds much more professional and cooler (in my opinion) then personal trainer. When I think of personal trainer, I think of some knucklehead at the gym with a cheasy outfit flirting with bimbos :slight_smile:

A Strength & Conditioning Coach normally works with athletic teams (high school/college/pro) developing sport specific programs for each team. They are certified by the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) and must have degree in Exercise Physiology, Athletic Training or related major.

Check www.NSCA-CC.org

Generally most universities and employers require M.Sc degrees, and although the NSCA is still highly recognized, the CSCCA is now the certification of choice for professional strength coaches. www.cscca.org… It requires B.Sc and M.Sc preferred, as well as written, oral, practical exam, and a 9month internship under a certified MSCCC. If you look at the list of MSCCC they are highly respected and recognizable. The one draw back to the SCCC cert is that it is strictly for college strength coaches.