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Strength Coach In N.W. Ohio


Hello, anyone out there know where I can find a Strength coach near Defiance, Ohio? I want to focus on performing better in wrestling, and dropping some serious weight. I don't care how far away the coach may be if I can make it to him 2x's a week and lift alone 1 or two times a week I will be happy. If you can point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative.


How close are you to Columbus, Ohio? You could always contact Louie Simmons at Westside.


2.5 to 3 hours from columbus. I am 1.5 hours from toledo. 45 mins away from fortwayne.


Man, he's a wrestler, he dont need no Westside!

I gotta ask man, why do you think that you need a trainer? I mean with all of the information out there, you can definately find everything you need bro. It's just about staying motivated. Trust me, I wrestled for 4yrs... training on your own just takes dedication and commitment.


Try HeadHunter Barbell in Wadsworth, and Blacks in Cleveland....


I would like a trainer to take all the guess work out of the situation. I am not nearly as confident in a program if I piece it together. If I have the guy that created the program telling me exactly what to do how to do it I just have more faith in the results.


Wadsworth is a pretty long haul. I just can not believe there is no one closer to me.


You live in the middle of fucking nowhere, what do you expect man? Lots of coaches up here around Toledo and Detroit, and even Bowling Green.


Toledo and B.G. I will make the trip! Do you have contact info? Wadsworth is over half the state away. near cleveland right? That would be way to far. Toledo or B.G. I would do. Toledo is only 1.5 hours away B.G. is like 1 hour away if you know some one please let me know their contact info. Thanks for the info.

Yeah, I do live in the middle of fucking nowhere seriously. It sucks ass.


Oh, I wasn't aware wrestler's didn't need to be strong. My bad.


I'll ask at the gym tomorrow and let you know. I grapple with some wrestlers and know they work with some S&C guys.


Sweet thank you for the help. You subbmission grappling or just wrestling? I done a little sub grappling and a lot of wrestling.


Toledo has 2 Powerhouse Gyms. I'm sure they have trainers.