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strength coach doesnt understand post workout

ok like i have said before… guys on my football team were giving me crap about taking protein after a lift. Now my strength coach saw me and says im full of shit for taking a surge like drink afterwards. This is a division one big football school too. Whats the deal? Why am I the only person around here who knows anything about this?

Most coaches specialize in one thing and usually its strength and conditioning not nutrition. They know the basics but they dont fully understand nutritional sciences. Theres so much to learn in each profession that to master one of them is hard enough let alone mastering both. There are a few division I teams that have their own performance nutrition staff as well as strength staff. If they’re just giving you shit for taking it, then so what. However, if they flat out say you can’t take it or its a violation of NCAA substances, then that’s a different story and you have to play by their rules.

Check out the original Surge articles, I am sure that there are foot notes on the initial studies. The study I remember reading involved senior men being feed apple sauce and cottage cheese immediately after completing a training session. As for your coach. Is he a strenght coach? If so check out the national Assocation of Strenght Coaches website, I think they covered this in a past issue. If that does not work, quantify your results, if you must prove yourself right. Otherwise, smile and say “It couldn’t hurt.” When your fellows see your results the will either blame it on steriods or follow your example. Best of Luck.

Dude, during my hockey games I mix 2 scoops of surge in 2 liters of water. I drink it in between periods and everyone gives me shit about it saying it looks like jizz. Then when they ask me what it is I say if I told them they wouldn’t know what I was talking about, so of course they ask anyway and I just list off the ingredients…and they have no clue what I am talking about.

Ignorance and arrogance go hand in hand, eh? I’d consider either bringing them the literature, or telling 'em to suck chub.

If a strenght coach hasn’t read something about taking protein after training then I wonder where he or she has been the last ten to fiften years ?