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Strength Circuts - Doubling the Reps

I’ve always wanted to try Strength Circuts; however with only 1 BB in my gym it would probably take me longer to set up each exercise then the time limit perscribed

Would it be more beneficial to take a little more time in between sets to set up heavier weights on the BB, and stick to the 5/4/3/2/1 rep scheme


Take less time in between sets, and substitute some exercises with lighter DB’s, going to a 10/8/6/4/2 rep scheme?

My goal is strength above all else…but if i could pack on some lean muscle at the same time I’d always be in favor of that

Thanks Coach

Hi mate,I asked pretty much the same thing and here is what he sais,hope it helps

I came across The Strength-Skill Circuit Method on Thibarmy I’m like you I have limited equipment at home - 2 barbells and dumbbells ,I was going to do the high pull on workout A and instead of barbell muscle snatch I was going to switch it out to a dumbbell version so workouts are
A- Squat-floor press-hang high pull
B-Day Deadlift-standing press-db muscle snatch
If anyone thinks that’s not a good idea feel free to chime in