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Strength Circuits


What are the protocols to add in Strength Circuits into training? Is this part of a WalRus challenge? How do I gain access to this type of training information? Goal to be a well rounded human being with something to train for.


There are probably a dozen or so of these - not all of them should be done as they require an extreme amount of strength/experience. Most of them are in the new book and on the forum.

Remember that if you want to be in great shape/strong, the BEST way to do this is to lift heavy/smart, jump/throw and run (not jog). Circuits are fine but really, let’s not try to make things difficult. The WALRUS stuff is amazing PROVIDED you are reasonably strong and can move with a vest on but these can be added to a barbell-heavy program.

The point is this: circuits should be a last resort as a main means of strength training. The reason? You can’t really get that strong in doing them.