Strength Circuits & Isolation Circuits

Hi Coach, can i use additional strength circuits and isolation circuits, focusing on one method of circuit for a two week interval, within the six week HP Mass cycle or would i be better adding them both on the same week but in seperate sessions for two weeks?

Honest;y from a results perspective it won’t make a different. It’s mostly about which option motivates you the most.

Thank you for your input. Would the following be okay for an Isolation Circuit for the Lower body:

Quad Iso Circuit
A1 Leg Extension
A2 Sissy Squat
A3 Lying Leg Extension

  • Perfomed 2 times, twice a week

Hamstring Iso Circuit
A1 Lying Hamstring Curl
A2 Nordic Leg Curl
A3 Standing Leg Curl

  • Performed 2 times, twice a week

Or would this option be better:
A1 Leg Extension
A2 Leg Curl
A3 Calf Raise
*Performed 3 -4 times, twice a week