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Strength Circuit Recovery, Upper/Lower Days

Hi Coach.
I like very much Streght Circuit Programs (like Bult for Bad), but I will hard to recovery when I do full body workout.

What do you think about separate upper and lower body days?


Sure, although personally I would prefer a push/pull division.

Push = quads, pectorals, delts, triceps
Pull = hamstrings/glutes, back, biceps

Right ! Your approch is much more logical.

But just to illustrate the diference beetween people i would like to say that I will procede to Upper/ Lower Split.

I think my performance suffer when I need to switch upper body exercises to lower body in the same workout.

Thanks for the response.

what would a push/pull (ct’s split) built for bad strength circuit look like?

day 1 push
front squat
military press
bench press
optional tricep extension (myoreps)

day 2 pull
bicep & reardelt (myoreps)

5/4/3/2/1 circuit style? btw 7/5/3 wave is pretty epic as well, i will probably try this

I like the push pull split much of the time, but I will mention that I ran 5-4-3-2-1 high frequency using a 2 way “mixed” split that looked like this:

Trap bar DEADLIFT (or other deadlift)
Military press or steep incline
Close grip 2 board press or close grip dip

Front squat (sometimes with a harness, might also try close stance Zerchers)
Barbell row or high pull from high blocks
5 degree decline bench-barbells or dumbells
Barbell curl or EZ reverse curl

I know its a little zaney split but it put OHP and closegrip on a different day than Bench and it put Row and Curls seperate from Chins.

Interesting…basically full body everyday, in line with the spirit of built for bad orignally. but exericse variation to to avoid burnout, like it. how were the results (physique/strength)?

I’m experimenting with higher rep waves like 7/5/3 for more size and also the original built for bad…i felt like i was doing more work changing the plates on all the bars going from 2 reps to 1 rep than the actual exercise!

Call them racking gains!