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Strength Challenge for Meet Question & Meet Peaking Advice


Hey Jim/everyone.

I have a question about the strength challenge. I am using it to peak for my meet in May.

The book says that itâ??s preparing you for testing 1RMs on Week 3 however the template says that testing/meet week is actually week 4. It then says that you can even test on week 3 if you feel right (as if testing week should be week 4).

I just want to clear things up of when the â??bestâ?? week to test/compete will be according to the program.

Itâ??s too late now anyway because I programmed it so that my meet falls on the Saturday of week 4 so I get an extra deload week. I got some advice already, itâ??ll mainly be a rest week, but should I be doing anything specific on the final deload week? Light conditioning (walking, airdyne) or just working up to my openers?

I am also planning on competing again in June, 7 weeks from the May meet. What should my training/peak look like for the 7 weeks in terms of 5/3/1?


I had similar questions regarding 531 and peaking. I got the "5/3/1 for Powerlifting" ebook and it helped clear them up. I would advise you to have a look at it.

And good luck!