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Strength Challenge Assistance Work

I’m in the 2nd month of the Beyond 5-3-1 Year of Challenges Strength Challenge. I’ve had some trouble settling on assistance exercises that work for me but I think what I’m going to do from here on out is combine the Bodyweight Assistance from the original book (Chins and Dips on Press day, Sit Ups and Leg Raises on Deadlift, Pushups and Chins on Bench, Lunges and GHP on Squat) as my assistance work.

As I’m sure you all know the original book recommends no less than 75 reps of an exercise when doing bodyweight, but the Challenge specifies that the 2nd month of the Strength Challenge should dial back the assistance work in preparation for the testing of maxes next month. I’m wondering what a good set and rep breakdown for this plan is.

Comments? Suggestions? Cries of Heresy?