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Strength Camps

Hello, I dont know if this belongs here but I?ll post it here.

I always here constant babling about overtraining from evrywhere, dont train much dont do that , that and that.
This is where those camps come in, they are usualy very though.

I remember that when I was a skiier (over distance, not slalom) there was these absoulutley insane workouts.

Running camp
-age 10
-3 days 3hours * 2 per day
First, note that I was realy small when I did this, yet it was totaly mind blowing, I dont want to think about what the older guys did.

Day 1 :
running on mud - 6 km
Dont laugh at that , you sunk like 30-40 cm each step you took.
running on street - 3 km
When doing this, we had sprints, jumps, push ups, sit ups and other exerices like that, I remember takeing about 2 breakes. it took about 2.5 - 3 hours

After that we woud eat food, walk 2 km to buy candy. Back at the camp we where just hanging around, makeing friends and stretching some.

street run - 2 km
forrest run - evrything between 6-8 km
Stoped along the way to jump frog jumps upwards (about 10-15m), sprints up for it, and various other things like that. the last 2 km was a competition between evryone. took about 2 hours.

after this we woud play cards, listen to music and just rest.

Day 2 :
-Theory, skiing techniques.
about 1 hour.

rest for some hours.
running to water - 15 min
Water running - 1 hour
playing passgames in water - 1 hour
running home - 15 min

This was it for that day .

Day 3 :
Competition day.
We competed in various athletic sports, 60 m , 400 m ,lenght jumping.

End cermony.

I dont know how this looks to you, but in my eyes it?s kinda much. I recall the 14 year old guys did about 0.8 times more then us.

I remember getting good gains in my stamina but I was sore over exactly the whole body.