Strength Built Under Fatigue? Does It Have Its Uses?

I’ve been reading some stuff about how typical pyramid sets (weight goes up, reps go down set by set) aren’t optimal as you’re already fatigued by the time you get to your last heavy set. This made me wonder if it IS actually even an issue when it comes to hypertrophy. As we all know, hypertrophy training is a different ball game to strength training and whilst strength is a good indication of progress, it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to hypertrophy.

Therefore, does strength built under fatigue have a place when it comes to bodybuilding/hypertrophy? Sure, you won’t be able to use as much weight on the bar when you’re already fatigued, but in terms of creating muscular damage and an environment for hypertrophy would it have its place and be useful or is it just not worth looking into at all?

It sort of makes me think of pre exhaustion techniques, where you pre exhaust a certain muscle before training it with a compound so that it’s the first muscle to tire, instead of the other muscles tiring before your target muscle. Pectorals tiring first instead of triceps/delts when it comes to benching, etc.

TLDR: Is there a place for strength built under fatigue in bodybuilding, or should all heavy lifts be done when absolutely fresh and untired?

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Why is strength a concern for bodybuilding in the first place?


Maybe if a person has reached a point of it making a difference like at a competitive level.

Although, reading some of the contest prep logs of a few guys on here and following a few PL’ers through the years, you’d be hard pressed finding a point in time where they aren’t depleted or fatigued in some way, during the work, from session to session or through an entire training or conditioning cycle.


You are reading too much nonsense.


If nothing else, working under fatigue builds toughness and character.

You are overthinking this.




Pistol Squats!!!


Are you asking about pre-fatiguing?!?!?! :fearful: :fearful: :fearful: