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Strength Book List

Ok, I think I have my final order on my strength/athletic books:

Science and Practive of Strength training
Black book of training Secrets
Modern Strength and Power methods
Get Buffed
Vertical Jump Bible by Baggett

I was wondering if CT’s Modern strength and Power method book was just in e-format, or also in hard/paperback?

Starting Strength is the most practical book you can get. Supertraining would be the best you could do on the technical end of things.

Dont forget:

A System of Multi Year Training by Medvedyev

Fundamentals of Special Strength Training in Sport by Verkhoshansky

Programming and Organization by Verhoshansky

The Snatch, The Clean and Jerk By Roman

I love translated texts.

I believe CT’s Modern Strength and Power is only in e-book format. I have heard that it is kind of rehashing DB’s stuff…I haven’t read it so I can’t swear by this, but I trust the guy I got the info from. If I had the money to burn and felt like using paypal to get it I probably would though.

Say…YOU could buy it and email it to me though (for a finders fee of course :wink: )