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Strength/Bodybuilding Hybrid for Strongman

Really been wanting to do strongman recently and was wondering what I should do to train for it but still focus on bodybuilding because I’d like to compete sometime in college for strongman

I won’t have equipment and stuff for it till this fall but I’d figure I’d hit the basic big three for a more strength pursuit plus the over head press

  1. Chest/shoulders
    Flat bench
    Then the rest is typical muscle growth type chest workout
    Inc db press
    Db decline press
    Machine fly/crossover
    Rear felt flys

  2. Back:
    I can’t really focus on my back well enough if I deadlift first just me
    So normal back work out minus rack pulls at the end
    Pull down
    Hs highrow
    Meadows rows
    Db rows

  3. Legs:
    Back squat
    Then normal leg stuff
    Leg curl
    Front squat or maybe 20 rep back squat
    Leg press or hack squat high reps

  4. Arms/overhead press
    Clean and overhead press
    Hammer curls/rope extensions
    Ezbar curls/ overhead extensions
    Db curls/ dips or CGBP

  5. Deadlift
    Heavy holds

check out layne norton’s PHAT just google it

Thanks I think that’s perfect
And holy crap man your huge

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