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strength beyond strength

I’m in between Mag-10 cycles and results are undeniable. For my next cycle, I want to bring up some lagging bodyparts sizewise,namely chest, calf. I’ve searched the archives and am pretty sure what I’m gooing to do. I want some input from anyone who has an opinion on the best way to achieve this based on theory or experience. Mag-10 stats: 1 week on,3 weeks off, 2 weeks on. Diet 5200-5500kcal/day while on, 3800 while recovering. strength increases daily, before 181lbs/10.2% bf/currently 198/10.4% bf.

…forever stronger than aaaallllll!!!

What routine(s) have you been using before, during and present? Working out at home or in a gym? On the cycle side of things why 1 on/3 off?

I have been following a growth surge training mandate until my current off period where I have been training 3 day split: legs chest/back, arms, 2 exercises per muscle group.1st exercise 5 sets 12,10,8,6,12 followed immediately by 1 set of second exercise x12. about a minute rest in between, 15 minutes cardio after training, nothing on 4 off days. I figured this would be a good change of pace as far as routine, rep range while leaving ample time for recovery. The reason for 3 weeks off is because I live in the Great North (Canada) and after getting my first bottle shipped no problem (test run), my next shipment was seized. Hence, the long layoff. Everything is in order now and going to finish according to plan. thanks for the interest.