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Strength Based Routine Help

hey all, newbie here…

this summer i want to go on a strength based routine but i need help in developing one… ive started the madcow 5x5 routine but realized i wont be able to stick with all of it because i work out at my friends house and his rents dont allow deadlifting because its too loud (we work out in the morning) and theyre afraid of damage to the weights and/or the floor

all he has is a squat rack and bench, so dips and dumbell excercises (as well as deadlifts) are out of the question.

ive read about the 10x3 and played around with numbers and this is what ive come up with so far


bench 10x3
close grip bench 3x8
lat pulldowns 3x8


squat 10x3
military press 5x5
upright row 3x8


barbell row 10x3
lat pulldowns 3x8
bb curls 3x8

are there anything that should be changed thatll make this routine as effective as possible? any suggestions/changes will be welcome

You sound like a beginner, so the best advice I could offer you is, join a gym if you can find a decent one near you, a get yourself a few good books, and read up the articles on this site like crazy, all the information is here, if you are new, make sure you learn the correct technique so you can perform the exercises safley and effectively.I think the strongest shall survive by Bill Starr is the nuts, available at Ironmind.

As for the deadlifts, try romanian deadlifts, as long as you lower the weights carefully, it shouldnt be any noisier than lowering the bar on a bench press. good luck…

you could try muffling the deadlift by lowering it onto foam pads or pillows or something. as long as the pads/whatever are the same height it shoudl be a problem, and it’ll probably only raise it off the floor by an inch or 2 (at most.)

The Eight Keys by Dave Tate on this website is a good FREE resource. Also, if youre going to buy it, yeah bill starr ive heard good stuff about (although honestly I’ve never tried it) and allow me to plug my personal favorite strength training book, the coachs strength training playbook by joe kenn, available at www.elitefts.com or 1 888 854 8806

can i get some feedback on the routine?

I think there are better routines out there for beginners. You don’t need 10 x 3 as a beginner and that split seems kind of bizarre, like a push-pull-lower with a few exercises that shouldn’t be where they are.

The routine looks fine. When I was in high school I did Pavel’s bear routine and added 60+ pounds to my squat (225-285+) in a matter of 2-3 months doing 10 x 5, doing squat, deadlift, bench, and side press only, working out on Saturday and Sunday only. I could barely walk until Wednesday, but it worked.

I’d say add in front squats as well to give you one more day of legs. Work hard on the basics and you’ll be fine.