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Strength Base?

Hey. This is my first post, so I guess I’ll introduce myself. I’m Tyler, I’ve never competed in a meet, been training for about a year and a half. About 8 or so months of that has been centered around strength. I competed in a Highland Games in San Diego last summer and had a blast. Planning on doing a meet in October in the 198 class. Around 215 now. But on to my question:

I hesitate to say I’m training anybody, as I don’t think I’ve got enough time under the bar to be a trainer. However, I am helping a guy I know who wants to get really strong and big. He’s never really lifted, and is pretty skinny and tall. I’d estimate maybe 6’2" or 3" and 160 or so. I just have him doing 3x/week full body stuff with a 5x5 linear progression. I had him squatting Friday, and got his form down, and after experimenting with weights to see where he sits strength wise, I’d probably have him doing sets of 5 with an empty bar, maybe 2.5s on it. Would he be better suited doing higher rep goblet squats or something similar until his strength goes up a little bit? I figure the higher reps would get his squat form ironed out as well. Same for the other core lifts - like Bench press, would he be better suited doing some pushups and ligher DB work until he’s a bit stronger? Thanks for any help as I’ve never really worked with other people.