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Strength And Vertical Leap Inseason

Okay, I was wondering would an increase in strength during the basketball season lead to a gain in vertical leap?? I get away with lifting inseason and right now the way im practicing is way harder than what is to come during the season? I have been reading and started trying this? I keep it real simple and dont plan to change it cause its working just fine.
I do 3 exercises 1 leg exercise and 2 upperbody all compound movements so for example
a) Full Squat/Deadlift/Split Squat 3 sets 5 reps
b) Bench Press/ Push Press/ Overhead press 3x5reps
c) Pull ups/ chin-ups 3x5reps
I try and get this done about 2-3 times a week on average, my strength gains seem to have been fine and i have increase my vertical leap so far, but do you think its likely to increase vert during the season i know i will be able to increase my strength though, or should i not stress it so much and just worry about doing damage??