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Strength -and- Size


My only two goals are to gain muscle and increase strength. Which -one- T-Nation supplement will help me best achieve these two goals? Thanks.

BTW, I already consume both weight gainer and creatine on a semi-regular basis.


Food helps.


Did you unintentionally miss the words "T-Nation supplement" or are you just being a schmuck?


I don't know that just one will do it, but my money is on Alpha Male, but I have not tried Carbolin 19 yet, so I can't speak for that.


No, he's telling you to get your diet straightened out (I mean, you take weight gainer) before you start to worry about supplements.


yo deez, why are you gayzor to the maxor?


I try to consume more calories than I burn and eat lots of protein. What's wrong with that? It looks like my diet is good to go.


You think that's all there is, huh? Just consume more calories than you expend and you'll magically gain LBM.

You definitely need to leave the supps alone until you can get a clue about nutrition and the importance of nutrient timing.

How much is "lots of protein" exactly? You think a supp will counteract your nutritional ignorance?

If I were you, I'd just stick with the weight gainer since you see nothing wrong with your nutrition.

Holy crap - where do these know-it-alls come from?


You are very quick to label someone ignorant.

I didn't want to go in depth regarding "nutrient timing" and other nutrition concepts because this thread was supposed to be about SUPPLEMENTS.

Thanks a lot for your lack of helpful information pertaining to supplements.


deez, im sure you wont respond to this post since you dont respond to any of my posts due to your lack of a sense of humor. but imagine this: if you're not eating enough then Grow! will be the best Biotest supp for you to gain lean mass; if you're not eating PWO then Surge will be the best Biotest supp for you to gain lean mass; if you're not focused enough during workouts (im sure we can rule that one out, you screaming bastard, you) then Power Drive will be the best Biotest supp for you to gain lean mass. get it?

that being said, just buy lots 'n lotsa Alpha Male.



methinks you once called me an ignorant bastard after i said your lifting vids were hilarious.


Bend your nails into bite size portions and eat them.


Dude - this is a supplement and NUTRITION forum. They go hand in hand.

I think you are un-helpable. You give zero background info, then attack the first guy to post. You have proven in your other thread that you are a self-aggrandizing egomaniac.

What help could you possibly get from starting a thread if you are already caling names from the beginning.

The first replier's advice is probably the best you are going to get here until you post your diet. Once again - this is a supplement and NUTRITION forum. No supplement will help you effectively if you have shitty nutrition. But you wopn't post your diet. So how much help are you really expecting to get?

I may be quick to call you ignorant, but it is only because your ignorance masked as expertise is so blatantly obvious.