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Strength and Size Cycle


I am starting on a new cycle in August, when finnishinh pct from my last cycle i finnished now in late April. I am starting on a new strenght program as well.
My last cycle was 500mg Testo E ew and 400mg Nandrolone Dekanoate EW and also Tren A 75mg/ed for the 4 first weeks. Testo E and Deca was run for approx 3 montsh.

My next cycle will be:

Anadrol 50mg ed w1-4
Sustanon 750mg w1 500mg w2 500mg w3 250mg w4
Deca 100mg w1 100mg w2 300mg w3 400mg w4 400mg w5 300mg w6 200mg w7 100mg w8
Dianabol 50mg ed w5-8
Primobolan 200mg w5-6 300mg w7-8

Nolvadex for estrogen sides
Clomid and hcg for pct

Give me tips and thoughts about the cycle plz.


You're only running test for 4 weeks? - you should have test in the whole cycle
You're only running 200mg of Primo? - dose way too low, IMO
You're only running primo for 4 weeks? - it will have barely "kicked in" at that point
You're running 8 weeks of orals? - run the cycle longer and have a 4 week "no oral" time in the middle
You're only running deca for 8 weeks with some really ridiculous dosing schedule? - run a single dose for 10 weeks
You're running HCG during PCT and not during cycle? - HCG is used on cycle, not during PCT
Use an AI on cycle, Nolva post cycle, forget about clomid.

Those are my thoughts


Thank you for the tips.

So Aromasin og Arimidex on cycle and nolva post cycle. But why not clomid? It seems it's very common to use clomid post cycle to kickstart your own production.


Its much more common to just use Nolva.


Yes, found a good article about that now. Low dose clomid or nolva post cycle together with phosphatidylserine (PS), Toco 8 and Sustain Alpha.

Hcg on cycle, starting w3 and ending 2-3 weeks before starting pct.


Lol..... been doing research on Primordial Performance's website?


cycle is all fucked up.. looks like a drunk 6 year old wrote it.


ok..I started it all when asking for thoughts about it, but anyways; Mr.Walkaway; your honest opinion about the cycle learnt me less than nothing, so I see no reason to thank you. I don't even see why you wasted seconds of ypur phatetic life to write that answer.


Perhaps you should go back to studying up on aas so you do not continue to put together such silly cycle propositions.




WTF is this? Please do this, I would love to see a log of your results... and medical bills


OK. Just wanted som thoughts. Not me who put the cycle together but a major supplier of roids.

Then I guess instead:

w1-4 Anadrol 50mg ED
w1-12 Testo Cyp 500mg EW
w1-12 Equipoise 400mg EW

250iu hcg eod w 3-10
aromasin for AI

Nolvadex for PCT



Seems a lot better to me. If you put this new cycle against your first post... Makes me think what kind of research you did before posting here...


Better, I'd still say stop the EQ either at week 10 or run the test to 14 and stop the EQ at 12.

When does PCT start? How much nolva are you going to use?

HCG can be run up to the start of PCT.
How much aromasin you going to use?


Maybe consider running the Anadrol @ week 4 when everything is "kicked in". If you want a kick start use some test Prop, don't let the anadrol do all the work the first few weeks let it boost you later on... Just a theory. Stop eq 2 weeks sooner. Run hcg 3 to 4 weeks longer. how much AI, how much nolvadex?...

And don't blame your shitty cycle on your "major roid supplier" that just makes you seem even less ready for this. That's like saying your weed dealer told you to smoke it through your asshole so you did.


Eh, that may be a bit harsh.

However it does look like it was a cycle designed a decade ago with all that pyramiding and nolvadex for on cycle estrogen management.

OP. Why do you think you need so many different drugs to accomplish such a simple task? Muscle growth. You can make your life much much easier if you just go with test/tren/dbol or test/mast/dbol.


quoted the wrong post


Wait...... that's not how you do it???



w1-4 Test Prop 150mg EOD ( or should I run ED to maintain best possible bloodlevels ? )
w1-14 Test Cyp 500mg EW
w1-12 Equipoise 400mg EW
w-4-8 Anadrol 50mg ED

w1-12 hcg 250iu EOD
Aromasin 10mg ED w1-14 if neccessary.


Nolva 10mg ED or Clomid 25mg ED for 4 weeks

Looks better?


Pin test Prop ED
Pin hcg 2x a week not eod
run 40/40/20/20 or at least 20/20/20/20 of nolva


thanks =) hcg was a type-o btw. I ment twice a week.

I often wonder mast or eq as the stack on test, and often struggle to choose since I haven't tried either of them. I often go for the test + deca stack, but want to try something else.

I guess the EQ's advantage is the dramatic increase in apetite?