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Strength and Nutrition Program


Hey everyone...I guess I am sort of a beginner. I have been lifting for about 6 years but really with no purpose or set goals. I play college baseball and I pitch. I am 6'0 170 with a fast metabolism. I am looking to bulk up and get stronger while eating right over the next month or two before the season begins.

As I said I am sort of a beginner as far as having a set lifting and nutrition program and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a tough strength and nutrition program before the season begins. What type of protein should I take? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.


eat dead animals


if you've never trained with any set goals before, you're a beginner.

follow WS4SB to the letter.

eat the dead animal flesh of your choice.

eat 1-1.5g protein per lb of bodyweight to start, fill in carbs and fat as needed to gain at least 1-2 lb a month on the scale and however much weight on the bar that WS4SB tells you you should be adding every training cycle. if these two aren't going up, eat more. eating more and making progress is much better than eating less and not going anywhere.

protein powder, apparently you get what you pay for. personally I'd prefer getting something like a whey concentrate or hydrolysate just because you're fairly sure the manufacturer hasn't added much crap to it (sugary carbs, fat) if I could use whey/casein without blowing up and breaking out. turns out beef protein powder works fine for me.


You can only do so much in a month or two, if that's the deadline when you have to change things up to pre-season work or whatever.

In general, I'd suggest eating like this:

And training like this:

DeFranco's WS4SB would definitely be another option. Both Cressey and DeFranco have a ton of experience working with athletes.