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Strength and Mass in 3.5 Years

Ok, firstly I want to apologize for my poor Engilsh.

I’m from Eastern Europe and my weight training has started about 4 years ago.

I used to train for increasing my vertical jump, and finally decided to make my training more strength-specific.

I went from 130 to 180 lbs.

Feel free to post the questions. THANKS!

BEFORE pics:




rear biceps

lats (proud of)



wheels (proud of)

is that leg pic really necessary…

very good progress

[quote]theflowjob wrote:
is that leg pic really necessary…

very good progress [/quote]

Leg pic is necessary, but the banana hammock is a bit disturbing…

Great job on the transformation! Keep it up.

squat 440 pounds RAW (could be deeper)

your dads name isnt mariuz is it? good shit man. keep at it.

Amazing progress

Great transformation. But yeah, the squat could have gone lower. Post a video of what weight you can go below paralel with.

Good stuff.

What does your training routine and diet look like?

Now I train westside style (last 8 weeks). I’ve never trained for mass. Strength was always the main issue. Usually it was 5x5 FBW, upper/lower splits and some bodypart splits. Reps remain quite low.

My diet is quite simple. I eat mainly natural food + protein powders. Lot of organic food, veggies, meat, eggs… 6 meals a day.

I recently squated 440 below parallel, but I don’t have any vid.

My bench press raw record is 330 and DL - 420 lbs.

PS: It’s great to know that Mariusz is known world-wide

Looking damn solid at 180 lbs. How tall are you, and what are the other various stats?


I’m only 5’8’’ so 180 looks quite solid.

“other stats”?

upper leg: 27 1/2’’
chest: 46’’
bicep: 16 1/2’’
waist: 32’’

Awesome progress. Do you notice changes in your basketball game now that you’re so much stronger?