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Strength and Fat Loss

Ok, Im trying to set a routine to keep the strenght and stimulating fatloss. We are in april and the summer season is getting close. Dont worry im already in shape ,between 12-15% bf i guess, but would like to get a 9 or 10%.

I read destroying fat Article From CT but as i trained with the WSFSB (defranco) template for 2 years now i would like to continue.

Here a answer from Defranco to someone that came up with a similar questions.

For Joe DeFranco

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to ask how you would manipulate the WS4SB template if someone’s main priority was fat loss? ie. would you keep the 1 LB and 2 UB days and how would you work in cardio/energy system work?


First off, in my opinion, changing your diet needs to be your #1 PRIORITY if fat loss is your main goal. I say this because I have seen people lose fat on a powerlifting-type of routine, a bodybuilding-type of routine, high reps, low reps, circuit training, etc., etc. The point that I’m trying to make is that I have seen people drop bodyfat on every different workout known to mankind, but the one thing everyone must have in common when trying to drop bodyfat is a CLEAN DIET!

With that being said, there are MANY ways to manipulate your training program. Here’s one example…

MONDAY - Max-effort Upper Body then high intensity “cardio”. I would suggest weight training for 40 - 50 minutes then doing some high intensity “cardio” such as Prowler sprints, interval treadmill sprints or sprints outside with incomplete recovery, jump rope intervals, etc.

TUESDAY - Low intensity cardio - walking, riding a bike, etc. You can do some high rep abs on this day as well.

WEDNESDAY - Max-effort Lower Body strength

THURSDAY - Same as Tuesday

FRIDAY - Repetition Upper Body then high intensity “cardio” (same concept as Monday)

SATURDAY - Off or same workout as Tuesday & Thursday

Sunday - Off

For the high intensity cardio i was thinking about Complexes(Waterbury) as they are more convenient in my gym with some hiit. I also play hockey once a week in the summer to keep game shape…

I would like some T-Nation feedback and what you thinkabout this plan.


Bum… i would like some answer please…

Doing ‘Max Effort’ days should be done with maximum effort (nothin new there) therefore draining the hell out of you. Complexes are also very demanding, and would be very taxing on you. The point of these max effort days while having ‘fat loss’ as your main goal is to protect muscle mass. I’d suggest (this has worked for me in the past) is to go heavy and perform HIIT (sprints)after.

Go Habs GO!

I think you got a good plan. I started on the WS4SB strength and speed template, and was going to do sprints and crossfit style interval training on the strength and conditioning days. I got off of it because I need to do some catch up and get my lower body as strong as my upper. Now my training is something like this:

  1. Max Effort Lower Body

  2. Upper Body Lift and Sprints or Jump Rope Intervals or 5/10/15 pull up/push up/bw squat 15-20 rounds (I usually do heavy standing OH press, heavy weighted pull ups, db flat bench and a horizontal pull for the upper body lifts)

  3. Light Load Crossfit Style Circuit Training (DB clean and push press, db swings, push ups, pull ups, bw squats, thrusters, front squat, etc. I just pick whatever I feel like doing and try and do 2 15 min sessions for max reps. My current favorite is 15 min dumbbell clean and push press then 15 min db swings+push ups)

  4. Rest and Repeat…

If I feel beat down, I’ll cut out day 2) and do a total body session next max effort leg day.

My big lifts (squat, OH press, deadlift, weighted pull-ups) are going up and I am losing fat. You’re plan is pretty similar to mine, although I might be pushing it a little too much in terms of recovery. I’ll usually take a day off or eat a little more if I feel like I need it.