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Strength and Endurance


Okay heres what I'm doing. Im nearing the closing weeks of my Waterbury program that I picked. My thoughts for what I'm gonna do next consist on the following:

1.) My dreams of strength
2.) Joining the Air Force in the summer

I know im going to need to work on endurance, no doubt, for the military. The thing is how I should really do this.

Should I do a strength program for a good amount of time then switch over to endurance before the military???
Or should I just mix the two up(Week of strength, week of endurance, etc.)

I am not looking for mass...so keep that in mind. My program will eventually be focusing on bodyweight/oly lifts...once I work on it of course.

Any idea how I should work the strength/endurance dilemma?


First, I'd find out exactly what the Air Force PT test will require you to do. That would be the mid/long-term goal. Since that isn't until the summer, you should be able to get a good, solid 8-12 week strength mesocycle in. Maybe a Westside-type program, but monitor your calories and accessories lifts, to avoid putting on unwanted size.

Then, 10 or 12 weeks before your goal date, start on a strength-endurance-focused program. Possibly some tweaked version of EDT. Your homework for right now, though, is to find out exactly what you'll have to do for that PT test.


Just a thought:
You could carry on with the three basic moves,(dead, squat and bench) then you could do high rep bodyweight for the endurance. Doing half of the bodyweight exercises before the strength workout then half after will aid in warming up your muscles beforehand and afterwards can aid recovery as stated in the '100 rep a day healing thingy' article: whereby doing high reps low eight will significantly decrease recovery time.

You would be saving time by tieing in speed recovery and your endurance.
Aim for a higher goal than what the PT test states so that you can confidently and easily pass in practice to prepare for the day of test in case it's a day where you don't feel optimum.


Awesome! I was totally thinking of doing the three basics, simply cause they are the best. Did not think about tying them all into one workout though. Sounds very good! I can use a wave cycle for my weight lifts in order to gain more strength. Im guessing id totally be able to apply that strength doing the bodyweight exercises, right?

Well, either way Ill be doing GTG. From Pavel's book: for those who dont know its basically that I do 5 pullups every time i enter my bedroom. Then that will eventually effect my overall strength.


You've gotten go advice so far so I'll add alittle of my 2cents.

As mentioned, find out what exactly you have to, how many and in what time. Without it you have almost no direction.

Second step,take a look at Waterbury's "Primed or Primed for Muscle" its one of the two. It incorporates a priming technique that could be used prior to a core lift for either max weight or max reps. Either way it could be modified for you application. I have an electronic copy of it if you can't find or have trouble. Just send a PM