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Strength and Cutting


Hi all, Since I'm gonna be cutting in Jan I'll be lowering my calories.I always feel weak and have a hard time lifting heavy weights when I'm cutting.Is there a good supplement you know of that would help me not to feel so damn weak before lifting?Something to give me and my muscles enough energy to keep lifting heavy when cutting? Thanks guys.


I'd rework your fat-loss diet before worrying about supplements. You may be cutting calories, carbs, or something else too low if you're losing strength.

When done properly, you need not lose strength to shed fat.


It depends.Sometimes if I just cut out 300 calories I'll feel a little weak.


try the velocity diet, if you feel weak suck it up and take more rest between sets.


I do.I just have a hard time working out like I should when I'm cutting .I'm sure plenty of people have felt this way before when they were cutting.Don't worry cthulhu.Try some Spike.That might help. By the way,what does the velocity diet have to do with what I'm talking about?


You do have a hard time with strength when you're cutting? I thought I was the only one here who did,lol.I don't even know what he means by me doing the velocity diet.Maybe it's good for that kinda thing.I don't know.


Try something as little as drinking some coffee pre-workout. I have notice that when i cut out calories and start to cut up, i am weak also. I will slam some dunkin donuts about 20 minutes pre-workout and be ready to roll. I dont know if this will work for you but it works for me.


Thanks man, I'll try that. Ever tried Spike? I heard that was good. I might try using that and see how it goes.