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Strength and Conditioning Template: Sled/Prowler Alternative?

Good afternoon, I am starting the strength and conditioning template in 5/3/1 forever (pg187) and I currently don’t have access to a sled or prowler, (sleds on order but might take a while to get here). I was wondering if I should try to replace those with another form of conditioning work after the assistance or just leave it out?

Are there any hills nearby where you live?

Not really any good sized hills worth running. I could try to find some within driving distance

There are numerous sites on YouTube and such that will tell you how to make a sled for next to nothing. Several Pinterest links pop up on a Google search for “Diy sled drag” Get yourself an old tire, an eyebolt, some washers and a nut, and some cheap rope. Fill the inside of the tire with rocks, or put a piece of plywood inside of it to put weight on.

With a resourceful and creative mind, you can have excellent equipment for little money…and you have the satisfaction of building yourself into a useful man with tools you built yourself.

My weights are steel, from the 50’s. They’re outside, where I lift in the sun, rain, and snow.

Sorry to get on a soapbox man, but… there’s just always a way.

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incline treadmill running. biking will do it too. the prowler is just a tool

Ugh, no! If you don’t have the perfect equipement and do exactly what others say to do, you cannot get strong!


Not a huge deal. They’ll build up your lungs for sure, but if you can’t do them, no biggie. If there is one within driving distance, maybe going out once a week or so, maybe on the weekend, would be nice, but like I said, not 100% necessary.

Otherwise, you could just run. If your joints can handle it. Just like 1-2 miles. Try to slowly lower your times. I think most men, barring joint issues and past injuries, should be able to run 1 mile in a-not-horrible time.

LiftAngry’s suggestions - incline treadmill stuff and biking are good.

Tabata stuff on a AirDyne bike if available are fun.

If lacking these options, improve your conditioning through your workouts by supersetting things - pushing and pulling movements on your upper body days, and ab work with your squats and deadlifts. Do a bunch of BW squats and/or lunges at the end - those will exhaust you if you’re not in good shape.

my axle is a pipe i cut down at work

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I’ve never used an axle. Want to soon though.

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it’s a different animal, buy some schedule 40 2 inch pipe and have it cut to 7 feet

use duct tape as sleeves and make sure you have good collars (and figure 8 straps, which i’m plugging because they’re fucking awesome).

These are great…

From the man himself…

Making a sled was so cheap & easy, I wish I had made one a long time ago:

The only alteration since the pic was fixing a u bolt to the front to run the rope through. It’s just an old tire with a piece of scrap metal over it and a few bags of sand and concrete dumped on top. The shipping rope could easily be recreated with a tow strap.