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Strength and Conditioning Template, PR's and TM

Hi Jim,

I’m currently doing your Strength and Conditioning (Forever) template and enjoy it very much. The lead is 5’s pro which then switches to PR’s for the anchor. My question is, for the PR’s, do I just leave the training max the same as it was on my last 2 week run of the Lead? It seem like it would be a good way to get more effect from the same weight before increasing the TM.

EDIT I just re-read the book. I see it says to adjust the TM. Sorry about that.

Also you don’t have to increase TM, if you think staying with same TM is best for you, do that.

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As long as you choose the correct TM (which is explained in the book and always remember to err on the side of “too light”), you can increase it with every cycle.

Start too light/progress slow. It always works and works extremely well.

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Thanks Jim,

I appreciate the answer.

I also wanted to mention that I like how this program “feels”. The extra work at SSL is heavy enough to make me feel like I’m doing work, but the lower intensity dosen’t leave me fried and is quicker to finish than sets across. Plus, I’m really enjoying the running, and the calisthenics tests. I’m a volunteer firefighter and take martial arts (sparing and grappling) I’m also no powerlifter and don’t pretend to be, so it’s nice that you are writing to the people with a need for general athletics in mind. I’ll leave some more feedback after I get a few cycles in.

Kind Regards.