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Strength and Conditioning Consultancy

Hi guys, i have set up www.fighterstrength.com, a strength and conditioning consultancy service for fighters. I currently consult to UFC fighter Dan Hardy, Ultimate Fighter contestants Andre Winner and Dean Amasinger and UK standouts, Jimmy Wallhead and Paul Daley.

check the site out.



all feedback is welcome, good or bad !

How about you buy something here or contribute something other than SPAM for your site?

Best of luck to you.

A colleague of mine is looking to start something like this in SoCal. I do think the S&C component is highly neglected in MMA.

What I mean is it’s present, but I don’t think the true formula has been discovered just yet.

And will improve by leaps and bounds in the next decade just like with any sport.

If we have a question about an article can we PM you here?

And CL does have a point. Will you be submitting articles to the Nation.

feel free pm me here if you’ve got questions about any of the articles.

and yes s and c is def neglected, even though it’s hard to judge from snapshots. From what i’ve seen, there is a massive over emphasis on endurance and a neglect of strength and power. Amoung other issues.

and just for the record i’ve been buying stuff off here for years so although i am promoting my new business, it’s not like i don’t ‘put’ back into the site. (even if the import duty and shipping ruin me !)