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Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Hi im a 17 year old in my last year of college (in the uk) study sports and exercise science. I jjhave looked at a few universities and have looked at the strength and conditioning science. I was wondering if there was an apprenticeship to qualify me in strength and conditioning coaching/science or where is best to look for them?

I’m not in tbe UK so I won’t be much help but I’ll try.

Are you looking for a job or trying to get into an educational program?

I’m in the US and I graduated from college when I was 22 with a degree. I’m not sure if you’re way ahead or if the terminology is different.

If you’re actually done with school and looking for a job then check the websites of the governing bodies. Here, the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) is probably the top provider for strength and conditioning certifications. To coach at the college (University) level you need a degree and the CSCS certification provided by the NSCA. And most places require a masters degree.

The NSCA website has a section for job hunting. You can set up a search for certain types of jobs in your area and you’ll get alerts.

I’m sure there are other companies that provide credentials over there so check their websites as well.

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do you want to be a personal trainer? You can certified for that in like a week.

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Find a good gym with good coaches and see if you can intern, as in work for free and be around watching the experienced trainers work. It’s the Ben Bruno route - went from interning 6 days a week for free to training pro athletes and supermodels within a couple of years.

Other than that, Maier and Yogi hit each nail on the head depending on what you want to do. If you just want to be certified and simply have a paper saying you can train people, there are tons of places (some legit, some shady) that can do that very quickly. If you want to work at higher levels, there’s advanced education in the field that requires more specific schooling.


I was hoping to find some form of education program but i will have a look at that website thanks for the reply

Ive already got my level 3 in personal training but i was hoping to go into strength in conditioning

I might look into that as i hadnt thought of an intern so thank you for your reply